Aquila was founded in 2020 by Chris. If he had it his way, every meal of the day would be fresh pizza. Naturally therefore, it made sense to open a pizzeria so that he could be sure of a bountiful supply of pizza! 

The pizza served at Aquila is made in a wood fired oven, imported from Italty. The ingredients are also imported from Italy, including Caputo 00 flour, fior di latte and DOP cheeses and meats. Doing so ensures an authentic pizza. 

The pizza is cooked in around 120 seconds at temperatures over 400oC. The end result is a pizza that tastes fresh, has a charred crust and is soft and floppy. 

This style of pizza is different to American styles that are typically heavier and have more toppings. Instead, this pizza has fewer high quality toppings, as adding too much to the pizza impedes thorough cooking.